The Groofwin Pod (Ground-Roof-Window Pod)

The Groofwin Pod is a versatile, very stable platform for holding your tripod head and camera equipment when shooting on the ground, on the roof or hood of a car, or out of an automobile window. When the unit is in its flat position for use on the ground or on a van roof, it is supported by three large rubber pods. A threaded knob secures and tightens the two sections together in the flat position, providing a very solid integrated unit. When the unit is opened up, it becomes a superior window bracket from which lenses up to 600mm can be successfully shot. The 9" x 1" lip can either be used to grab the window groove of the door or to grab the top of a partially raised auto window. The large 11" x 3" top platform has a standard 3/8" threaded stud for attaching the monoball (optional) for maximum movement. For shooting subjects near the road or for anyone going to Africa, where most of the photography is done from a vehicle, the Groofwin is a must. Made from black anodized aluminum, the unit weighs 2-5/8 lbs. Camera equipment shown in photos below is not included.